"Key Technology Innovation and Demonstration Application of Green, Efficient and Intelligent Layer Chicken Factory"

On April 6th, the launching ceremony of the "Key Technological Innovation and Demonstration Application of Green, Efficient and Intelligent Factory Production of Layer Chickens" project under the Shandong Province Key Research and Development Program (Rural Revitalization Science and Technology Innovation Boost Action Plan) was held at Tianrui Technology Group in Jimo District, Qingdao, China. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Huang Tao, Deputy Director of Jimo District Science and Technology Bureau, and attended by Mr. Duan Zhongling, Third-level Researcher of Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Mr. Yuan Tao, Deputy Section Chief of Agricultural and Social Affairs Division of Qingdao Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Mr. Lin Hai, Vice President of Shandong Agricultural University and the project leader, Mr. Han Wei, Party Secretary of Poultry Research Institute of Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Deputy Director Mr. Li Guiming, Chairman of Qingdao Tianrui Technology Group Co., Ltd., Mr. Qu Tiangui, and General Manager of Qingdao Shanmei Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd., Mr. Li Xueshan, as well as more than 30 members of the project team.


During the meeting, Mr. Lin Hai reported on the project's implementation basis, research content, task division, work mechanism, as well as the progress and achievements made so far. Leaders from the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Municipal and District Science and Technology Bureaus, and project experts provided guidance and discussions on work tasks, project management, and other topics. The units responsible for each sub-task reported on their task plans, work approaches, and progress, and had in-depth exchanges and discussions on issues encountered during implementation and joint research and development of cross-cutting content.


The heads of the project units expressed their commitment to intensifying support, strengthening coordination and cooperation, and making breakthroughs in the integration and application of green, efficient, and intelligent technologies in the layer chicken industry, in line with the requirements and goals of the project, to provide technical support for the green and high-quality development of the layer chicken industry.The project team stated that they will strictly follow the requirements of the task book of the Rural Revitalization Science and Technology Innovation Boost Action Plan, and complete all construction tasks with high quality and standards. They will deepen the cooperation between industry, academia, research, and application, and achieve technology integration, transfer, and demonstration promotion, striving to create a high-quality development model that is typical and leading for the layer chicken industry in our province.


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